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LNB Students who went to the 2012 NADAC Championships. Wendy Hultsman, Allison Davisson, Amber Abbott, and Alice Nicholson.
Jill - Winner of the 2012 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge 30 Weave Up and Back Competition and 2nd Place in Large Dog Agility.
Amber with Summer and Joker and Jeannine with Jill had an awesome showing at the 2012 Cynosports
Winners of the 2012 Best DAM Event All Summer
From Left to Right:Connie Heaton and Macaroon, Jeannine Doepke and Jill, Dave Harlan and Bandit
Jeannine and ADCH Jill!

2011 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals
Jill (Large Dog Agility Winner and 3rd Place Weave Pole Challenge) and Joker (2nd Place Weave Pole Challenge)


Winners of the 2011 Best DAM Event All Summer
From Left to Right: Wendy Hultsman and Phlash, Margaret Burk and Stat, Shelly Culver and Mariah

Alice and NATCH Spencer!
Dave and NATCH Bandit!
Kirby and MACH Breeze!
Susan and Java celebrating their MACH!
Joker - Winner of the 2010 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge - 60 Weave Pole Challenge
Joker with his Medal after winning the 60 Weave Pole Challenge at Purina's 2010 Incredible Dog Challenge
Jeannine and Jack - Winner of the 16" Veteran/Junior Handlers Division at the 2010 NADAC Championships

Winners of the 2010 Best DAM Event All Summer
From Left to Right: Mary Chessik and Row, Dave Harlan and Bandit, Shelly Culver and Valor

Amber with Pokey, Jeannine with Jack
2009 NADAC 12" and 20+" Versatility Champions!!
The show committee (Jeannine, Amber and Denise)
at the Parks, AZ trial -- working hard or hardly working?
July 10-11, 2009
Kodie Levine and Strider completed their NATCH
at the Parks, AZ trial with a beautiful chances run
July 10, 2009
Myrna Dinning and Dancer, winners of the 2008 DOCNA North American Challenge 16" Grand Veteran Division
October 4, 2008
Amber and Pokey complete the ADCH at the Good Dog USDAA trial
November 23, 2008
Pokey with her ribbons and trophies from
the 2008 NADAC Championships
1st Place 12" Elite Class and Versatility Cup
Jumping Chollas Agility Club
Junior Handler Only NADAC Trial
February 17, 2007

The Summer 2006 DAM Team event was terrific fun!!!
Left Photo: "DOWN UNDER DOGS" -- Shirley and Harley, Mille and Syrah, Charlotte and Jolie
Right Photo: "HERDING COTTON" -- Lori and River, Tracy and Dart, Jon and Shemi
2/26/06 -- Good Dog USDAA DAM Team Winners!!!
Amy Hanridge and Rio, Mark Dillemuth and Kesa, and Amber Abbott and Aero (owned by Whitney Lightner) won the local Good Dog USDAA DAM Team Tournament held in Tempe February 25-26, 2006.
3/06/06 -- Cynde Leshin & Kaffee enter their first trial!!!
"Kaffee went to his first AKC agility trial this weekend and surprised me to win his Novice Standard class on Sunday and to be the High in Class dog. The course time was 77 and he completed the standard course in 33. He ended up having a wonderful weekend with another Q in standard on Monday. On Friday he finished his Novice rally title. Cynde Leshin and Kaffee"
2/13/06 -- Janette Jahoda & Sassy have made tremendous progress!!!
"Amber, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the progress we've made with Sassy. I started in September with a dog that was scared of everything. She would pee herself anytime someone tried to pet her. She didn't know any obedience commands. She wasn't housetrained. In short she was a little psychoatic. Now she is completely housebroken. She also goes on command when needed (such as in a strange place). She used to jump on all of my furniture like a cyclone. Now she only goes where she's allowed. She used to bolt through the front door and chase cars down the street. Now she will wait at an open front door and never leaves or runs down the street. She used to not come when called. Now she comes (we'll most of the time...). She now sits to get her dinner and when you show her a treat. There is alot more, but the biggest improvement is how friendly she is now to most people and not afraid anymore. You helped with her confidence. Thank You! Janette Jahoda & Sassy"
2/12/06 -- Amber Abbott and Boomer earn their USDAA Championship ADCH title!!!
In perfect weather at the Saguaro Scrambers USDAA trial, Amber and Boomer put in a perfect standard run to complete the requirements for their USDAA Agility Dog Champion title.
1/15/06 -- Jo Reifman and Yahtzee earned their first Q (and a first place) in Novice Regular at the Jumping Chollas NADAC trial!!!
"Amber, I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with Yahtzee and me. I was REALLY hoping he would "Q" on the run we dediciated to you, I just knew we were ready. But when we got that "Q" for the Teeter, I couldn't have been happier if I won a million dollar lottery. I'm not one to keep going when something gets hard, I usually just give up. But I wanted to prove I could do SOMETHING and not give up. With your help and guidance, more than just a "Q" came through! Your lessons add confidence and hope. You let me know it can be done! May take a zillion years, but it can be done! Thanks, Your Friends, Jo & Yahtzee"