Leaps N Bounds  
Dog Agility Training  
Peoria, Arizona  
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LeapsNBounds is an Introduction/Puppy Level program and Advanced Handling school. We offer limited middle level classes for students who graduate from the puppy program. Unfortunately, we do not offer any Adult Beginner classes. Jumping Chollas is the closest club. In addition to offering all class levels, they have a great links page that lists many of the private instructors and clubs in the valley.

LeapsNBounds classes are:

  • Super Puppy -- 5 weeks, $100 - Taught by Traci
    A great start to your puppy's life! Focus on socialization, play, puppy games to boost confidence and create a great relationship.


  • Performance Puppy I -- 5 weeks, $125 - Taught by Amber
    The Foundation class is a prerequisite to Performance Puppy I and is the next class after Super Puppy. Here you will teach your dog several tricks through shaping and luring, impulse control, restrained recalls, proper play, and mat work. All a MUST for agility!


  • Performance Puppy II -- 8 weeks, $175 - Taught by Amber
    Performance Puppy II is where your team takes that foundation and continues the training with more tricks, body awareness, play, groundwork, obedience and builds your working relationship.


  • Performance Puppy III  -- 8 weeks, $175 - Taught by Amber
    In Performance Puppy III we get on the equipment more and continue with creating an agility dog and a nice working team.


  • Intermediate I -- 8 weeks, $175 - Taught by Amber
    Takes the skills that you learned in Puppy class and continues through groundwork, recall to side/heel and focuses on dogwalk and teeter performance. No jumps, weaves or Aframe.


  • Intermediate II -- 8 weeks, $175 - Taught by Amber
    Sequencing more obstacles. Continue to work on independent contact performance and work on weave poles. This is where we will also teach your dog how to jump properly and learn the Aframe.


  • Novice Handling -- 5 weeks, $100 - Taught by Amber
    Sequence 8-12 obstacles. Learn front crosses, cross behinds, serpentines, threadles and other handling manuevers. This class is for students who recently completed the Intermediate classes.


  • Advanced and Master Handling -- 5 weeks, $100
    Put all your skills and knowledge to test while working through advanced exercises. Dog/handler should be further than just Novice Handling class. They should be competing in the upper levels or have instructor approval. There currently is a waiting list for these classes.